The Fashion Retailer Tech Ecosystem is growing

The Fashion Retailer‘s collaborations and network is growing! Since the blog was founded in 2017, we met, talked or chatted with amazing people, mostly executives and founders of fashion technology companies like Nextail, Heuritech or Zliide. Those essential conversations broaden my perspective on how technologies are making businesses more effective and were key when writing Fashion Goes Tech.

These companies are offering best-in-class solutions that impact on one or more business processes in the value chain, from design to retailing. They are using artificial intelligence to optimize demand forecast, assortment and allocations; using Virtual Reality to improve customer experience; using RFID to improve inventory management and traceability; applying AI to optimize last-mile delivery; defining new processes to enhance sustainability across the value chain; amongst others. Real stories that illustrate how technology is empowering retail businesses.

This a a short description of some of these innovative fashion tech companies:

BCOME is a sustainability platform that empowers the textile and apparel businesses to build responsible and transparent supply chains. BCOME aims to transform how products are designed, produced, and distributed making sustainability a core component of a business.

Bigthinx is an AI company operating in the fashion and retail industry, offering 3D mobile body scanning, clothing size predictions, virtual avatars, digital clothing, and virtual fashion shows and photo-shoots.

Chain of Demand is a predictive analytics company that empowers the retail industry to maximize sales and minimize inventory waste with AI-driven sales predictions.

Heuritech is a fashion technology company that offers trend forecasting. Leading brands worldwide use it to anticipate the upcoming trends, plan their collection assortment and reduce their uncertainty when launching new products. This is based on the analysis of social media, with millions of pictures from consumers and influencers processed each day by their cutting-edge technology.

iStaging is an early-mover in the VR technology industry and virtual tours. It enables people to create VR easily without investing in expensive hardware and tiresome editing operations. Their business model is B2B4C (Business-ready Optimised for Consumers) aiming to help the business user to improve their sales and marketing efficiency by adapting the VR and AR technology fast and easy.

Keonn provides the most complete, seamless and advanced solution based on RFID technology to improve the customer shopping experience at retail stores, and to increase the sales of retailers. Keonn product portfolio comprises RFID encoding systems (based on printers or encoding stations), RFID inventory systems (handheld readers, RFID robots and smart shelves), RFID interactive systems (recommendation systems, interactive fitting rooms and smart mirrors), fast point of sale systems, and RFID loss prevention systems (overhead, floor mats and pedestals). 

Nextail is a smart platform for retail merchandising that anticipates localized demand and delivers automated, data-driven decisions. Using Nextail’s AI and advanced analytics, global retailers like Pepe Jeans, Twinset and Neck and Neck are automating dynamic buying and merchandising. Within weeks, sales and margins increase while stock levels are reduced.

VIPO is a company that provides automatic customer profiling based on cutting edge technology. Its solution allows middle and large retail stores to understand their customers and deliver a better brand experience. VIPO is a smart system that guides you through the products of the store by giving you a customized fashion advice based on your appearance or style.

Wemuse is an app that allows you to have feedback from your employees (and whomever you choose) instantly and measurably at the key moment: during the process of product selection, so you can decide what to buy, how much to buy and where to send a model (item) knowing that it is going to be sold. It allows you to have feedback when you have already launched your products as well, to know why they work or not beyond the sales data. Also to receive suggestions from all your collaborators with products that are missing in the collection and your clients are asking for, or other interesting products from your competition, amongst others.

Zliide is a single platform that enables customer to get the most convenient experience in fashion retail, ensuring the best experience in-store and online. Zliide aims to solve 3 major problems in the fashion retail industry: customer experience, data collection and e-commerce.

And many more to come! Don’t hesitate to recommend us other interesting startups or companies in the Fashion Industry ecosystem that are thinking out of the box.

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