3D Knitting by Uniqlo

Uniqlo recently presented its latest innovation in manufacturing: 3D Knit. Some weeks ago, I posted 3D knitting or printing in fashion: benefits and success cases where you can find more details about this trend. With Uniqlo´s 3D Knit dresses and sweaters launch, it´s clear that this is not science fiction any more.

Uniqlo 3D Knit fashion technology retailer future manufacturing

As a fashion technology (fashtech) retailer, the japanese company keeps exploring and utilizing revolutionary fabric technologies. Like HEATTECH, AIRism, BLOCKTECH, and DRY-EX, 3D Knit innovation improves the comfort and wearability of daily staples.

Using specialist Wholegarment equipment designed in Japan, Uniqlo´s 3D knit sweaters and dresses are produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece. The intelligent machinery offers much more precise control than weaving traditionally, allowing for new ways to manipulate fabric.

3D Knit in fashion by uniqlo

What are the benefits of 3D Knit according to Uniqlo?

The first thing you’ll notice when you try a 3D knit dress or sweater is the outstanding feel of the fit. The silhouette produced by our 3D knitting process offers a new level of finesse, noticeably superior to traditionally knit materials. That’s because these garments, born from just one thread, boast an entirely seamless design which flows over the lines, curves and shapes of your body with effortless ease.

Clothing is allowed to follow the natural contours of your shape for a superior fit. No seams means no interference with the natural elasticity of knit materials, permitting a comfortable stretch, improved range of motion, and even distribution of stress throughout the piece.

3D Knit in fashion by uniqlo


As part of Uniqlo’s ongoing global commitment to minimizing waste and reducing excess materials, our use of Wholegarment 3D knitting equipment results in a lessened carbon footprint thanks to streamlined, efficient machinery. Using only exactly the required amount of yarn to knit a product, Wholegarment technology allows to produces its 3D knit range while drastically reducing volume of surplus material.