Zozosuit, 3D Sizing and AI to improve customization in Fashion

What if the question “what is your size” doesn´t make sense any more? If people can scan their bodies, their size would be unique. Economies of scale don´t apply in this business model but customer trends (personalization, sustainability…) are taking a different path than the McDonaldization of fashion (or “one size fits all”). Technology is again leading the revolution of fashion, the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Fashion 4.0.

As commented in the Fashtech series (how companies are using AI, IoT, Blockchain, AV and 3D Printing in Fashion), many companies or startups are using technology to offer a better sizing. Bonobos launched a new sizing line while other companies such as Endeer sells lingerie without standard sizes because it´s totally hypercustomized to the real shape of the customers.

Zozo, a japanese online retailer is also betting for customized sizing using 3D scan. The company creates clothing patterns using real people in dozens of diverse shapes and sizes. Zozo´s measurement system uses algorithms to capture precise measurements and make custom-fit clothing.

Zozo suit custom-fit unique sizing 3D IoT fashion retail

“Say goodbye to standard sizes and hello to custom-fit clothes” says Zozosuit. Customers can capture 3D measurement of their unique body from home, order Zozo clothing according to those measurements and request home delivery.

How does Zozo measurement systems works?

  • Each Zozosuit has more than 350 white dots, each of which is unique. These dots serve as fiducial markers, which are essential to our measuring process.
  • As you measure, the Zozo app will take 12 photos of you (as you stand facing each hour on a clock) and capture where each unique dot is take out in located in space.

ZOZO suit measurement system 3D Scan Fashtech fashion retail

  • Their proprietary algorithm processes this spacial data and triangulates a 3D rendering of your body based on where each unique white dot was captured in space. More accurate than a human tailor, measurements captured with the Zozo measurement system are exact and unique.

Since its launch in Japan in April, Zozo has shipped over 1 million Zozosuits; now the brand is looking to expand its customization technology into footwear. Today, Zozo includes a growing collection of apparel that is available in 72 countries and territories around the world.

Even if there is room for improvement, the impact in the fashion business is important as customers are demanding customization but not only in terms of design but also sizing. Omnichannel requires a better understanding of the customer. Helping customers to find their right size will reduce logistics costs (reducing reverse logistics costs due to returns), improve customer experience and increase online sales.

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