Bonobos. Fit for every man

Bonobos launches a new extended sizing line to include bigger/taller men, continuing their natural customer-centric business approach focused on better-fitting menswear.

Founded by Brian Spaly (also founder of Trunk Club) and Andy Dunn, Bonobos is a menswear brand offering the perfect fit pants, a personal guideshop and customer service Ninjas.

Bonobos retail format guideshop

• Perfect fit: The objective was to eliminate the “khaki diaper butt” while offering a wide option in sizing and fitting. As Andy Dunn said: “To deliver on fit you can´t just serve one body type. You have to look at all body types and figure out how many silhouettes you need. In our case it´s four or five. Then, within each silhouette we offer really deep sizing. We offer 37 waist and inseam combinations. There is no way to do that in a store because you can´t stock it”.

Bonobos bigger sizes fashion retail size fitting excellence

Shopping for clothes is a pain. We´re here to make it painless, and maybe even fun. We re-invented the retail store. It´s completely personalized, and we call it a Guideshop.  — Bonobos —

• The Guideshops. Why a pure player would like to increase its liabilities when many retailers are closing stores? At Bonobos, having offline stores has an operational benefit. Customers are more likely to repeat and are returning less items compared to online. Guideshops are attracting more traffic and represent the tangible customer experience. Stores are assets to omnichannel businesses.

• Ninjas: At Bonobos, customers can ask for a personalized appointment. Store assistants (Ninjas) will walk them throught the entire assortment, find the right fit and let them walk out hand-free, as orders are shipped directly to customer´s home or office.

Those characteristics makes Bonobos part of the long tail niche players disrupting the fashion retail industry. It´s omnichannel approach was one of the reasons of Walmart´s acquisition in June 2017.

Bonobos extended sizes

With the new extended size line, Bonobos is delivering T-shirt sizes until XXXXL and pants up to size 54. At Bonobos online store, you can select the fit, waist, lenght and pocket liner. The assortment is narrow but deep in sizing and fit. Less decision making and more comfortability for Millennials…

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