Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang

Chatbot Retail: Adidas is COOL

In US retail apocalypse, creativity and innovation is on top. New fashion retail business models, new channels and ways to contact with customers like pop-up stores, truck stores or chatbot.

Alexander Wang and Adidas cycling sportswear

Alexander Wang & Adidas cycling collection

VOGUE – by Steff Yotka

Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang Season 2 Arrives Tomorrow With a Chatbot Retail Scheme

Continuing the nontraditional retail formula he started with last season’s parked trailer truck stores, the designer will sell his new line through a text message chatbot. Posters at Clarkson and Greenwich Streets will contain codes for every one of the 27 items in the collection—you’ll need the code to text the chatbot—while single posters will be scattered throughout the city and a large billboard erected at Kenmare Street and Bowery. “The activation is just as important as the products, because it really speaks to the narrative and the concept,” says Wang. “If you see a wild posting, you could just text the number and order the item and get it essentially—in New York, where there are so many cycling messengers—delivered right to your home.”

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