Nowness, LVMH online media platform


Source: Thomas Shao and Jefferson Hack | Source: Courtesy

Nowness, the New Digital Platform dedicated to Luxury

Fashion and media are getting closer but not in printed version. Communication 3.0, a way to create and capture value for potential customers. NOWNESS is a video channel premiering the best in global arts and culture across Art & Design, Culture, Fashion & Beauty, Music and Food & Travel. Nothing new, excepts that LVMH is behind it.

It’s a clear example of a trend in the fashion business arena that shows how editorial and advertising are converging. Retailers are more diligent on becoming publishers, creating value for potential customers. But not thru the typical marketing campaign that tries to impact on everyone, but specializing in niches. LVMH is THE HOUSE for luxury, with the permission of Kering and a few independent brands, and focusing in this new media approach will lead them to attract, track and respond to latest trends. It’s not about selling products, it’s about creating a special atmosphere and getting closer to experiences and lifestyle.

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