H&M uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize the assortment

Fashtech, phygital, omnichannel, hybrid retail…I´m sure that sociolinguistics are happy to think about new words to describe Fashion 4.0 and the omnichannel era. It´s seems creativity is everywhere.  But as a Sociologist, I can confirm that our society is evolving faster than wording, and we will see many other attributes to describe some of the consequences of fashtech in our lives.

My last post about fashion retail, and specially about Fashtech, is Artificial Intelligence in Fashion. There you will see what are the benefits of AI in the fashion industry and some of the leading companies using AI in Fashion. Many fashion brands are using Artificial Intelligence (e.g. machine learning) for demand forecasting, product design and assortment optimization.

H&M artificial Intelligence Fashtech Assortment Optimization - The Fashion Retailer

I recommend you an interesting article about how H&M is embracing AI for assortment optimization from Retaildive written by Dan Alamo (9th of May 2018).

H&M turns to big data, AI to tailor store assortments

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