Amazon opens shop-in-shop inside Kohl´s deparment stores

Amazon is opening stores inside Kohl´s fashion retail

Everybody is expecting to see pure players going offline with experimental point of sales or pop-up stores. This was the recent case of Everlane going offline.

Amazon opening stores inside Kohl´s is a surprise: the biggest long tailer and market place is getting into department stores! This is a great alternative to regular expansion based on owned stores. Today, Amazon can open many corners or store-within-a-store in a short-term period. And as a competitive advantage, it brings big data analytics that allows it to optimize its forecast, to segment its customers at individual level, to select the right assortment and cluster their stores with great accuracy, amongst others.

Find below, an extract from retaildive´s article “Amazon opens shop inside Kohl’s”:

Dive Brief:

  • Kohl’s announced on Wednesday​ that, starting in October, it will feature a new “Amazon smart home experience” at 10 Kohl’s stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas.
  • Within those select stores, customers will be able to purchase Amazon devices, accessories, and smart home devices and services directly within 1,000-square-foot zones dedicated to Amazon and staffed by Amazon associates, according to a Kohl’s press release.
  • The spaces will feature a hands-on and interactive array of smart home products, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets and more. Customers can also schedule an Amazon expert to come to their home, evaluate their needs and install smart home products, as well as accessing Amazon Home Services, a marketplace of local services professionals that offer home care like cleaning and plumbing.

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