Report: ‘Ultra-fast’ fashion players gain on Zara, H&M

Benetton invented fast fashion with garment dye (delayed dyeing till knowing the current demand) and Zara took the idea and created a customized value chain excelling in operations in order to optimize trends identification and time-to-market. While other fashion retailers are adapting their supply chain and merchandise cycle to fast-fashion, pure players are almost there.

United Colours of Benetton 1980

Benetton advertising during the 80´s – Source: Pinterest

Pure players are able to track the trends, and more important, they analyze online buzz and customer behaviours. They can create a collection based on data from CRM and other analytics systems being as fast as Zara to deliver its new items. Pure players can cluster, not only by geography, but at customer level. Social CRM will lead to a “You-profile” instead of the typical segmentation by gender, age, income, fashionability…And pure players are the best positioned to win this race.

The article below mentions UK-based fashion market places such as Asos, Boohoo or Missguided. Amazon is already working on its apparel private label, while Walmart is acquiring online “assets” to compete in this new era. Food retailers like Carrefour and Lidl are also beting for fashion. The race has started!

Lidl fashion collection

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