Fashion Retail is about images, articles, ideas and comments specializing in the Fashion Retail industry. It will focus on the latest trends, on defining different business models (e.g. fast fashion, luxury), key players (bricks, pure players…), the evolution of the industry and general information on how a fashion company is structured in terms of people, process and systems.

Fashion and retail seems to be two different worlds. We usually differentiate Management and Artists, engineers and designers. Two oppostite profiles, like ying and yang. The idea of the blog is to understand both sides of the coin.

Why a blog about fashion retail? Fashion is a business, but also part of our definition as human beings. Fashion is essentially social. The Fashion Retailer is about both design and business sides of the pie.

Who I am
Alfonso Segura, Millennial, Sociologist (University of Barcelona) with Psychology studies and Executive MBA´18 (IESE Business School). I´m an outdoor sports enthusiast, passionate reader, sharks fan, and a specialist in fashion retail.


I had the opportunity to work for luxury and mass-market fashion retailers during +5 years and I dedicated the last 5 years of my career to the consulting industry, both in business innovation and strategy & operations. During that period, I have lived in two of the coolest cities in the world, where culture, fashion and art are everywhere. Those are Istanbul and Cape Town. Meanwhile, I was involved in electronics, foods and fashion retailers projects.

Karaköy Istanbul


Read more about me on www.linkedin.com/in/alfonso-segura

Thanks for visiting this brand new blog and I hope you can learn something from it!

Best Regards,

Alf S.