Fashion Retail Safari


Fashion Retail Safari is a curated selection of trends, industry insights and interviews from The Fashion Retailer blog in 2019.

Fashion Retail Safari collects thoughts and insights from 2019 focusing on:
– General Thoughts about the Fashion Industry:
– Customer Experience and Segmentation
– Fashion and Technology or Fashtech
– Fashion as a Service or FaaS
– Sustainability
– Interviews with CEO and founders from startups specializing in AI, last-mile logistics or RFID

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Fashion Retail Safari is a curated selection of trends, industry insights and interviews from The Fashion Retailer blog in 2019.

Awarded as Best Retail Books of the Year by BookAuthority (2020)

The business of fashion changed from a product-centric approach to a customer experience, centric approach. Companies are investing in configurable ecosystems to be agile and flexible enough to compete with niche players and pure players in the digital era. The sequential and lineal made-to-stock model is broken. Forecasting and planning your sales 12 months in advance is only a way to increase leverage or increase financial debt. On the contrary, platforms’ ecosystems are fostering new agile collaborations instead of leading to higher structural operating costs.

New strategy and operating models focus on speed, agility and flexibility. In such volatile markets and risky seasonal business, technology is the enabler of this new model. As an example, the change of CEO at Nike (Mark Parker steps down in early 2020. John Donahoe, a tech executive will replace him) goes beyond a simple transition: it’s a metaphor of how the retail industry is evolving.


  • Published in December 2020
  • Size:15,3cm x 22,8cm
  • 225 pages


  • Thoughts on the Retail Industry:
    • The New Fashion Retail Paradigm
    • Fashion Politics
    • Headquarters, Cities and Talent
    • Sports: A Sociological Approach
    • Fashion Platforms and Brands
    • Co-Creation
  • Segmentation and Customer Experience:
    • New Store Formats
    • Nike Curated Stores
    • Nordstrom Reinvention
    • Story concept store, Macy’s liquid retail
    • Bansky’s Merchandising Strategy
    • Amazon Storefronts: Local Retail
  • Fashion Tech
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality
    • 3D Printing
    • Blockchain
    • Internet of Things
  • Fashion as a Service
    • Subscription-based Model
    • Rental Clothing
    • Resale
  • Sustainability
    • Circular Economy in Fashion
    • Sustainability from the Demand Side
    • Best Practices and Leading Players
  • Fashion Talks / A few words with the Founder of
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