Coronavirus and Fashion (2/2)

This article is the continuation of Coronavirus and Fashion (1/2), an overview of the short term strategy to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, the biggest challenge to face. Once the bleeding has stopped, companies will need to adapt their businesses for uncertain times. It will require anticipation, flexibility and agility. It´s time to breathe fresh air … More Coronavirus and Fashion (2/2)

Coronavirus and Fashion (1/2)

TFR latest post was a sociological perspective on Coronavirus, a virus that has the potential to destabilize the pillars of Modern Life. This is a global threat, the worst challenge since WWII, that will cause the first ever global recession (every country is impacted). Blocking the economy might cause rebellion too. Note that guns and … More Coronavirus and Fashion (1/2)

Coronavirus, the biggest challenge to face

The aim of The Fashion Retailer blog has been to provide an updated overview of the  artistic and scientific approach to the business of Fashion, from design to operations. Fashion is a form of social expression, and today that millions of people are staying home because of the coronavirus disease, it´s time to make a … More Coronavirus, the biggest challenge to face

The Fashion of Cycling in Covid-19 era

Some time ago, Emily Rookwood wrote Why So Many CEOs Are Taking Up Cycling (2014. Spear´s Magazine). The article talked about the important shift in the people who are cycling. Today, in an amateur race you can find entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, MDs, etc. Even Damian Lewis was driving a Passoni bike in Billionaire, a clear … More The Fashion of Cycling in Covid-19 era

A few words with The Upside Founder and CEO

Lauryn Vaughn was born in small town British Columbia and eventually moved to Calgary with her mom, who was a single at the time and also pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education. After high school, Lauryn enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Calgary and interned for Canadian fashion designer, Paul Hardy. … More A few words with The Upside Founder and CEO

A few words with a Retail Management Expert

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about The Future of Stores (part 1). But stores are continuously evolving, from its product display to the role of sales assistants, including customer experience. Therefore, I will make updates about this topic on a regular basis. I  recently asked Renato Mosca, a former colleague at Ermenegildo Zegna, … More A few words with a Retail Management Expert

A few words with VIPO Group CEO and Founder

William Bernal is the CEO and founder of VIPO Group, a new company that is changing the way people shop in-store and online. He was born in Colombia and moved to France almost two years ago, where he finished his master studies in image and signal processing. William is an electronic engineer with a great … More A few words with VIPO Group CEO and Founder

The Future of Stores (1/2)

Nowadays, we are living the “Retail Apocalypse volume 2” (phenomenon that started around 2010 in USA) and this won´t be the last time experts anticipate the end of retail. Stores will survive as described on Coronavirus and Fashion (v1 and v2). “Stores” will emerge again and again, but will we keep using that word? What … More The Future of Stores (1/2)

COVID-19 Tracker for the Retail Industry

A few months ago, I interviewed AJ Mak, founder of Chain of Demand, a predictive analytics company that empowers the retail industry to maximize sales and minimize inventory waste with AI-driven sales predictions. Chain of Demand just launched COVID19 Retail Response Tracker that is meant to help businesses better prepare for the upcoming quarters. Retail … More COVID-19 Tracker for the Retail Industry

Tackling Fashion Industry’s Waste Problem

As mentioned in Fashion Retail Safari, New Retail is about new processes, new analytical capabilities, innovation, technology, new store formats, …, that respond to digital generation trends such as experience, sustainability and authenticity. We live in very volatile times – weather extremes, political distruptions (e.g. Brexit) and public health threats (e.g. COVID-19) – and today, … More Tackling Fashion Industry’s Waste Problem

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